The biggest impediment to real welfare reform in Maine is the Maine Democratic Party. The Democrats have pledged their allegiance to Maine Equal Justice Partners, The Maine People’s Alliance and the ACLU. These nonprofits have no concern for overburdened taxpayers.

Sen. Susan Collins answered Lewiston’s plea and continues working to find a solution to the illegal alien problem. Pleas to Mike Michaud went unanswered.

Michaud touts Lewiston’s C-BOK. After two years it has failed to provide the services promised, causing elderly veterans to travel to Togus.

Bruce Poliquin stabilized Maine’s pension system and cut spending at the Maine State Housing Authority. His opponent is a career state employee looking for a salary upgrade.

Gov. Paul LePage, Patti Gagne, Leslie Dubois and Mark Cayer will provide the support needed to move Lewiston forward, unlike the Democratic sock puppets that are manipulated by their liberal nonprofit allies.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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