If you belong to a credit union, you’re not only a member, you’re an owner!

The industry of financial services can seem daunting with uncertainty and an overload of fees and limitations. It’s no wonder so many consumers are concerned about the safety of their savings. And, as products and services continue to increase and become more complicated, sometimes it’s difficult to know who is in control of your money.

So why not choose a credit union, owned and controlled by the very people who save and borrow there — the members. Credit unions are secure and trustworthy institutions for your finances, in any economy. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should find a CU where you work, live, worship or go to school and become a member today.

• As the fifth-strongest credit union state in the nation, Maine credit unions continue to provide stability for their employees and members in a challenging economy.

• Credit unions are not-for-profit, operating with a voluntary elected board of directors – this also means fewer, and lower fees because there are no shareholders to pay.

• Credit unions function based on members’ economic participation, as well as through democratic member decision-making. That means that as a member, you are also an owner of your credit union.

• When you become a member, you are joining a cooperative community at the local, state, regional, national, and even international level.

• The level of education and training offered to members, elected representatives, managers, and employees encourages an unparalleled level of service.

• Credit unions are committed to the communities in which they serve. There are many causes credit unions support ranging from educational programs such as Financial Literacy for Youth, to ongoing initiatives like the Maine credit unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger.

Discover why now is the time for Maine’s credit unions. Visit www.mainecreditunions.org to get started!

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