The biologists and game wardens employed by the state of Maine are recommending that bear hunting in Maine should remain as it is. That includes the long-held practice of using bait.

If that makes sense to people who know such things, why should Maine residents vote to change it?

Is there something going on that someone is not telling the public? Could this be the first step in stopping Maine citizens from hunting anything at anytime?

I think it is just another attempt by outside interests to force Maine residents to leave the state so that it can be turned into a place of amusement, to be enjoyed only by those who will be able to afford it.

After that happens, rest assured, that hunting of every type will be allowed and no one will have to follow any laws.

If baiting bears is changed, then something like this could happen: A Maine resident has put his trash away until either the day roadside pickup arrives or until he is able to take it to his local solid waste facility. However, before that happens a neighborhood bear stops by and, after eating its fill, spews the rest all over the lawn. The resident contacts a game warden to complain about the bear getting into his trash. Next thing he knows, he is arrested for baiting bears.

Sound improbable?

Mainers should talk to people who live in Vermont, where baiting bears is already illegal.

Charles Glazier, Rumford

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