For those people who are fed up with the huge amounts of money being spent on political campaigns – money from candidates who are personally wealthy or who get money from super PACs — and for those who would like to level the playing field so people of modest means can run for office and be elected, there is something the public can do about it.

Maine has a Clean Election Act but it was weakened by a recent Supreme Court decision. On Election Day, Nov. 4, people can sign a petition that will make it possible for Mainers to vote on the kind of campaign financing law they would like.

The proposed changes are: (1) restore and fully fund the current law so that everyone can be represented — not just the wealthy; (2) require outside groups to list their top funders on political ads so people will know who is trying to influence their votes; (3) disclose governor-elect fundraising so people will know who is paying for inaugural parties and transition expenses; (4) increase fines for campaign finance violations; and(5) close corporate tax loopholes to fund the Clean Election law.

There will be petitions to sign at local polling places on Nov. 4. People can add their names to restore fairness in the election process.

Linda Wilcox, Monmouth

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