Emily Cain is claiming that Bruce Poliquin only paid $21 in taxes on his property. Really? Actually, no, not really. He paid thousands in the year that his opponent says he paid $21. Some research will find the truth.

Does anyone really think that the state is going to let someone only pay $21 in taxes?

Poliquin is trustworthy and Maine needs someone who knows how to stamp out waste representing us in Congress.

According to a story in Breitbart, Cain once called in “sick” for legislative work but then attended a fundraiser for herself later that day. Can she be trusted?

Bruce Poliquin is an honest, hard-working person and he would be a great representative for the state of Maine. He cleaned up the Maine Turnpike Authority and then Maine State Housing (that was spending $300,000 per apartment).

He can do that in Washington and at a much larger scale.

Jon Kirsch, Lisbon Falls

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