I worked as a physician in the worker’s compensation system before and after its reform. Pre-reform, providers’ hands were often tied, businesses floundered or left and, worst of all, patients suffered, failing to respond to treatment in the hostile environment. They ultimately became the losers.

The reforms currently in place are functioning to all parties’ benefit. I saw these reforms bring back a competitive insurance market to the state of Maine. They are responsible for the current, much less hostile environment in which workers receive good care and fair treatment, businesses can prosper and providers can heal their charges.

Mike Michaud’s votes to increase workers compensation rates threatens those reforms.

Eliot Cutler realizes that the economy won’t grow by increasing the costs of doing business.

For me, the choice is clear. Eliot Cutler cares about all parties involved in this issue. He deserves the public’s support.

Larry Catlett, Leeds

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