Edward David

Email address

[email protected]

Party affiliation


Legislative chamber

Maine House

Legislative district


Occupation or primary source of income


Community organizations

Greater Franklin Development Corp; UMF Community Chorus; numerous church committees

Personal information (hobbies, activities etc.)

Sailing, hiking, birdwatching, flying (computer simulation)

Family status


Years in Legislature


Are you a Clean Election candidate?


Committee assignments you want

Judiciary; Appropriations and Financial Affairs; Energy, Utilities and Technology; Environment and Natural Resources.

Would you support expanding the state’s Medicaid program, MaineCare? Why or why not?

Yes. It is substantial money for our hospitals and health care industries; over 1,000 jobs; better health for our citizens; $10 million for my local hospital; it is the right thing to do.

Should Maine follow the city of Portland’s lead and legalize the possession of limited amounts of marijuana for adults over the age of 21? Why or why not?

Not yet. We should see how that experiment goes. Simple possession was decriminalized 40 years ago. There are clearly legitimate medical uses that should be freely allowed. I worry about easy access by children.

Should the state of Maine continue to provide incentives for businesses and homeowners to convert or diversify energy sources to those considered renewable, like solar, wind and geothermal?

Yes. And we should expand that to heat pumps.

Maine’s minimum wage is $7.50 an hour. As a state lawmaker would you support increasing that minimum wage? If so, what should Maine’s minimum wage be?

I support a gradual increase in line with other New England states to $8.50 next year and some increase thereafter. There should be an exception for interns or young people without dependents in first or part-time jobs while in school.

What issue is the most important to voters in your legislative district?

Jobs; health care expansion; revenue sharing and school funding.

What about you makes you the man or woman for the job?

Thirty-nine years as an attorney specializing in family law. I am used to representing people. My experience on the Family Law Advisory Commission (third term) is direct experience in writing and evaluating legislation. I am endorsed by the MEA and Maine Conservation Voters. I am a veteran. Advocate for communities.

Describe yourself in a “Tweet”

I will make independent decisions in the best interest of our communities and institutions. I am the most qualified candidate.

Republican candidate Andrew Buckland of Farmington did not respond to the Sun Journal’s questionnaire.

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