I voted for Eliot Cutler in 2010 and I am voting for him again this year.

In 2010, he exposed me to politics and I found a hidden interest in myself. I was in college and decided to also major in political science as well as education.

I am 24 now and work in a school. I have student loan debts and many bills to pay. I am voting for Cutler again because he brings me hope; a promise that my future will get better in the state of Maine.

I have thought about moving elsewhere, to a state with a better economy, but I can’t leave my family. A lot of the young people I know move out of Maine to a state that can pay them better and has more job opportunities. That is a shame.

If Eliot Cutler wins, I know he will make Maine a better place to live.

Shauni Morrison, Lewiston

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