DEAR SUN SPOTS: Central Maine Adaptive Sports is looking for volunteers for this winter season who are willing to donate one to two hours a week to teach those with intellectual disabilities how to alpine or cross-country ski or snowboard.

I teach 20 to 25 students myself, but I am currently healing from a broken leg and in need of help. Please help our students and see the amazing transformation they can make. — Cindy Dubois, [email protected], 207-753-1457

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a Lite-Brite game for my daughter, who has disabilities, for Christmas. Could someone tell me where I might purchase one? Or if someone’s child no longer uses theirs, I would like to have it. I will be glad to pay a reasonable price. Thank you! — Barbara Harris, Minot, 207-346-3891

ANSWER: If no one is able to help you, this toy is available on eBay, Amazon and other online sources, including Kmart, for between $20 and about $35.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: You are the lady of last resort for me and have helped me a number of times. I have another challenge that I’d love to have met before Christmas if possible. Your readers are such helpful and generous people (and there are so many of us out there).

I have a 1960s-era Ouija board game with a missing part, and I’m wondering if anyone has one of these particular games stashed in an attic or cellar and would be willing to pass it on to me for a reasonable price. 

The game specifics are William Fuld Talking Board Set, model number 600, put out by Parker Brothers in the 1960s. I am not interested in any other versions. 

My game is missing all if its “message indicator” parts. Can anyone out there help? I could probably arrange to pick up if not too far away. Thanks. — Virginia Labbe, 223 High St., Box 31, South Paris, ME 04281, 207-743-1678

ANSWER: Sun Spots added the phrase “for a reasonable price” to Virginia’s letter, because individuals are not allowed to ask for items of value for free; only charities can do that. 

When items have little value, readers asking for them for free is not an issue, but some versions of this game are selling for upwards of $100 on eBay and, although there are others as low as $25. Sun Spots thinks it’s only fair that potential givers be made aware of this.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In reference to the question for Pat from Bethel who was seeking someone who makes or sells ceramic, she might try Rita’s Ceramics on 341 Leach Hill Road in Casco, 207-627-7215. — Rita, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a Christmas tree I would like to donate to a nonprofit organization. I purchased it two years ago and paid $495 for it. It is 7.5 feet tall, pre-lit and includes a canvas storage bag on wheels.

It is a realistic, beautiful tree but too heavy for me to move from the storage place in my basement to the upstairs as my husband recently passed away. — [email protected], 207-225-3328

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Love your column and read it every day. Maybe you could help us with this problem.

We are getting another breakfast table set but can’t take it until we get rid of the present one. Instead of trying to sell it, we would love to donate it to a veteran who is furnishing an apartment for himself or family. All he or she has to do is come pick it up.

What I would like to donate is a 41-inch round table and four chairs with a butterfly leaf in the middle for extension. Call for more information. — 207-491-0150 or 207-491-8950

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