The tragedy that occurred in Paris, France, recently was reportedly perpetrated by orthodox Muslims who were carrying out their faith. The prophet had clearly spelled out in the Koran the punishment deserved by those who reject his teaching.

The deaths at the offices of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo would have been far fewer if the French socialist government had not disarmed its civilian population. Concealed carry is illegal in France, as in most socialist countries.

The Founding Fathers in the United States were much wiser. They gave the people the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right of the people to “keep and bear arms.”

The Founding Fathers were wise, God-fearing men who were merely following the instruction of Jesus of Nazareth. He had said, “Let him who has no sword, sell his robe and buy one.” (Luke, 22:36)

The Founding Fathers knew that government does not have the capability to defend its citizenry from violent men.

Well proven in the U.S.A.

Harvey Lord, South Paris

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