This was truly a wonderful gift to me, for I was nearly out of firewood for the old cookstove in my kitchen. So here is my way of saying thank you to whoever you are and the Lord will bless your kindness. Sincerely, Heidi W. from Dryden.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read your column daily and find it very interesting. I know you have helped many people with amazing results. I’m hoping you and your readers can help me.

I moved from my mobile home to a senior apartment complex two years ago. I had to leave numerous belongings behind because of lack of space in my new two-room apartment. I donated all these belongings to my church, Second Congregational Church, Main St., Norway, for their yearly yard sale. I still haven’t found a place for everything I brought with me so I didn’t realize that things were donated to the yard sale that I didn’t intend to donate.

I realized during Christmas 2013 that I am missing my large plastic tote that contained all my Christmas ornaments collected over the past 54 years, many that my children and grandchildren had made through the years, ornaments with their name, some with my husband’s picture, some with my poodle’s picture. Some were new, only a year old, purple and gold balls, many angels. These ornaments were very special to me.

During Christmas 2014 I decided to put up my mini tree and discovered I didn’t have the ornaments for that either. Many of them are angels, which I collect.

I would very much like to get these ornaments back if whoever bought them is willing to return them.

Just a few weeks ago I was looking for something and realized that too must have gone to the yard sale. It is an L.L. Bean bag with pink trim with my dog’s name “Maggie” embroidered on it.

I did call the person in charge of the yard sale when I discovered my loss but he doesn’t remember these items and there were other helpers.

I’m really disappointed and saddened by these losses. There may be other items that are missing as I still haven’t unpacked all my things yet.

Thank you and any of your readers who may be able to help me by recognizing any of these misplaced memories.

I can be reached at 207-385-7746. — P.P. in Auburn.

ANSWER: You didn’t specify in your letter if you would be willing to pay to get these items returned to you. If people who purchased your items at the church’s yard sale recognize the items you describe, they may want to be compensated for what they paid if they are going to return the items you donated. Also, you stated that you still haven’t unpacked all your belongings so maybe luck will be with you and you’ll find these items still in your possession. Good luck.

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