This is a response to Nina Doonan’s letter to the editor (Feb. 28).

There is a well known saying in Maine:”If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change.” Yet Doonan seems gobsmacked that the temperature dropped 49 degrees over the course of two days. She also failed to mention at what times of day or night the two different readings were taken. Or whether “her thermometer” was the one used to mark the record low.

The overall narrative of her opening statement was to blame extreme weather on man-made climate change. Members of the cult of global warming inexplicably confuse weather with climate and are careful not to call it “global warming” if cold weather is in question. They have been forced to use the revised nomenclature in the case of the latter.

How absurd to think mankind can have controlling reign over the weather. Are we to assume that if government would just regulate fossil fuel usage enough, we could set ourselves up to have 70 degree days from April to October? Or control all precipitation to eliminate both floods and droughts?

Wouldn’t that be nice? But, of course, it is a pipe dream.

That is just one of many examples of the false Utopian fantasies born of liberal ideology.

If the U.S. shut down all its power plants, the other countries of the world will go right on polluting and gladly burning all the oil and coal the U.S. can ship them.

Thomas Lord, South Paris

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