Doing away with the state income tax? What a fairy-tale Gov. Paul LePage is spinning. The reality is that all he is doing is shifting the taxes from the income tax to other taxes.

Recently, I saw firsthand what his plan is doing. I could be paying $207 more in property tax with the loss of the homestead exemption. The statement for my satellite TV signal provider would include a 6 percent tax because of his proposed budget.

Also, add that the Auburn School Department budget is proposed to be increased by 70 cents per thousand. I am sure that figure would increase as cities would get less money from the state with LePage’s proposed budget cuts.

Speaking about the school budget — school systems need to pass on the cost of health insurance to the teachers instead of the taxpayers.Taxes are already too high in Auburn.

The homestead tax should be based on income, not age.

Raise the sales taxes higher than proposed. All will pay — rich and poor. That is more equitable. Add or increase a tax on sugary/junk food. Legalize and tax the sale of marijuana (sorry to say, but that is going to happen, and Maine might as well get in on the ground floor). And impose property taxes on landowners for all properties, whether they are a year-round resident or not.

Martin Keim, Auburn

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