GILEAD — Town meeting voters wasted no time Saturday evening approving a budget that will raise $20,000 more in taxes than last year.

With little discussion and just a few questions, all articles passed as read in 27 minutes. Town Clerk Lin Chapman said the meeting was one of the shortest in recent history.

After electing Paul Handlen as moderator, about 40 voters approved a budget of $192,574. It includes an increase for the Fire Department, road paving and $10,000 in repairs to the town bucket loader.

The Fire Department asked for $28,000, which is up from last year’s $21,000. Equipment purchases are needed to meet state requirements.

A stretch of North Road on Wight’s Hill will get paved, thanks to approval of $20,000, and the bucket loader will get fixed. Road Commissioner Fred Corriveau had recommended the repair work be done.

In municipal elections from the floor, residents re-elected town officials who were not opposed.

They are Selectman Alfred Leighton, Road Commissioner Corriveau, Town Clerk/Treasurer Lin Chapman, Tax Collector Judy Perrille and School Committee member Lise McLain.

Bethel Citizen editor Alison Aloisio contributed to this story.

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