AUGUSTA — Environmentalists and business owners called on lawmakers Monday to swiftly fix an error in a bill that caused state regulators to limit funding for programs designed to lower consumers’ energy bills.

When lawmakers passed a sweeping energy bill in 2013, they intended to set the cap on one source of funding for Efficiency Maine Trust at about $60 million, but there was a drafting error in the law’s complex funding formula. The Public Utilities Commission interpreted the law to mean that funding should be capped at about $22 million.

Jonathan Fulford, president of Artisan Builders, who said Monday many of his customers take advantage of Efficiency Maine programs, called the decision a “massive mistake” that will threaten jobs and cost ratepayers.

Dylan Voorhees of the Natural Resources Council of Maine said that the decision could cause residents to pay $250 million more on their energy bills over three years. His organization plans to file a motion urging regulators to reconsider their decision, but is also asking lawmakers to pass a bill to fix the problem.

Republicans on the Legislative Council on Friday blocked an effort Assistant House Democratic Leader Sara Gideon’s effort to introduce an after-deadline bill that sought to fix the error in the law. A spokesman for House Republican Leader Ken Fredette said Monday that he’s already working with Democrats and the governor’s office to find a solution that all sides can support.

Regulators have been criticized for not considering legislative intent, but Mark Vannoy, chairman of the commission has said their job is to follow the law as written.

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