Sparetime Rec

Mamas & Papas

Men Handicap Series 722 Robert Boston 687 Rick Giguere 685 Tony Burgess Jr; Scratch Series 668 Patrick Therrien 612 Bob Violette 580 John Mathieu; Handicap Game 283 Tom Doucette 250 Michael Deschenes 233 Leo Daigneault; Scratch Game 246 Erland Holt 246 Jacob Spencer 215 Phil Doucette 189 Jim Williams; Women Handicap Series 731 Brenda Burgess 702 Donna Courchesne 691 Paully Coolidge; Scratch Series 562 Sue Carr 516 Victoria Silver 474 Lucy Violette; Handicap Game 250 Deb Edgecomb 250 Maureen Williams 243 Barb Ringuette 234 Jan Beaudoin; Scratch Game 188 Janessa Sinclair 178 Tammy Bureau 153 Noreen Holt

Northwood Park

Men Scratch Game 268 Justin Brawn 228 George St. Amand 225 Jim Morin 218 Corey Emmert; Scratch Series 703 Justin Brawn 629 Chad Hopkins 629 Jim Morin 616 Corey Emmert; Handicap Game 284 George St. Amand 281 Gerry Ducharme 274 Richie Storer 272 Tibby Dupuis; Handicap Series 745 Gerry Ducharme 742 Norman Scott 735 Tibby Dupuis 722 Richie Storer; Women Scratch Game 203 Amanda Welch 167 Adrianna Slominski 157 Jennifer Kritzer; Scratch Series 517 Amanda Welch 432 Jennifer Kritzer 404 Diana Getchell 386 Lisa Fields; Handicap Game 278 Adrianna Slominski 261 Amanda Welch 253 Jennifer Kritzer 240 Diana Getchell; Handicap Series 720 Jennifer Kritzer 712 Adrianna Slominski 692 Diana Getchell 691 Amanda Welch


Public Service

Handicap Series 779 Kennny Moore 723 Eric Roy 714 Ralph Therrien 697 Mark Swett 671 Lou Asselin 662 Ken Wyman; Scratch Series 658 Dana Price 617 Bill Therrien 606 Mike Peaco 604 Justin Brawn 555 Bob Robitaille 553 Roland Dostie; Handicap Game 277 Ted Stokes 276 Norm Crochere 258 Ben Dyke 250 Tiny Wyman 239 Mike Anderson 238 Don Moore; Scratch Game 235 Bill Gyorfi 235 Scott Gagne 223 Dennis Carney 212 Jim Post 203 Shawn Langlois 199 Jimmy Lyons 199 Mike Moreau 198 Pat Therrien 198 Ron Giroux

Charlies Mixed

Men Scratch Game 216 Adam Jordan 178 Tim Leeman 178 Ben Dyke; Scratch Series 576 Adam Jordan 505 Norm St Amand 470 Marcel Gagne; Handicap Game 271 Michael Jordan jr 253 Dan Frost 244 Norm St Amand; Handicap Series 733 Michael Jordan jr 728 Dan Frost 709 Norm St Amand; Women Scratch Game 183 Julie Newton 168 Peggy Jordan 133 Laurie Gagne; Scratch Series 505 Julie Newton 474 Peggy Jordan 374 Laurie Gagne; Handicap Game 273 Julie Newton 249 Peggy Jordan 245 Megan Parks; Handicap Series 775 Julie Newton 717 Peggy Jordan 709 Megan Parks

Industrial Park

Scratch Game 299 Joseph Colcord 286 Erik Poulin 279 Justin Brawn 278 Scott Moore 267 Joseph Michaud 267 Derek Webb; Scratch Series 726 Derek Webb 722 Scott Moore 707 Erik Poulin 706 Scott Allaire 700 Joseph Colcord 692 Justin Brawn; Handicap Game 319 Erik Poulin 299 Joseph Colcord 296 Joseph Michaud 291 Timothy Leeman 291 Scott Moore 290 Moe Girouard; Handicap Series 806 Erik Poulin 783 Derek Webb 781 Scott Allaire 773 Art Toussaint 765 Dwight Webb 762 Shawn Langlois


Friday Night Mixed

Scratch Game Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series Men 225 Jim Goulding 634 Jim Goulding 279 Mark Swett 774 Derek Thibodeau 224 Mark Swett 609 Scott Ashton 277 Josh Dakin 742 Josh Dakin 223 Dick Harris 591 Derek Thibodeau 276 Derek Thibodeau 736 Adam Wright 276 Al Dick Women 236 Cathy Bickford 597 Cathy Bickford 282 Tina Leger 791 Tina Leger 211 Brooke Leger 560 Tina Leger 279 Vicky Roy 750 Shirley Gondek 205 Tina Leger 546 Shirley Gondek 276 Cathy Bickford 750 Vicky Roy


Scratch Game 278 Joe Michaud 246 Mike Peaco 244 Mike Thibault 244 Patrick Therrien 234 Ron Giroux 222 Mike Ebert;Scratch Series 696 Joe Michaud 694 Mike Peaco 653 Mike Thibault 635 Patrick Therrien 614 Ken Roy 603 Jim Puckey; Handicap Game 283 Joe Michaud 272 Mike Ebert 267 Ray Gagne 264 Patrick Therrien 259 Ron Giroux 255 Dave Boucher; Handicap Series 722 Mike Ebert 716 Ken Roy 714 Jim Puckey 711 Joe Michaud 707 Mark Rock 698 Henry Aliberti

Youth – Minors

Boys Scratch Game 150 Ethan Gousse 98 Ethen Bruce-Gregor 95 Tylor Montminy; Scratch Series 356 Ethan Gousse 274 Ethen Bruce-Gregor 241 Dustin Laplante; Handicap Game 175 Ethan Gousse 171 Tylor Montminy 157 Joshua Violette 157 Evan Jordan; Handicap Series 465 Tylor Montminy 448 Evan Jordan 431 Ethan Gousse; Girls Scratch Game 122 Jillian Dumais 96 Brooke Gervais 89 Camryn Wyman; Scratch Series 336 Jillian Dumais 239 Brooke Gervais 235 Camryn Wyman; Handicap Game 163 Jillian Dumais 149 Camryn Wyman 146 Brooke Gervais; Handicap Series 459 Jillian Dumais 415 Camryn Wyman 389 Brooke Gervais


Youth – Majors

Boys Handicap Series 732 John Gove 693 Joshua Hallowell 612 Noah Gagne;Handicap Game 259 Jacob Dubuc 226 Nate Flanigan 225 Andrew Delcourt;  Scratch Series 603 Seth Kolreg 511 Damon Douglas 498 Nate Boothby; Scratch Game 190 Zachary Lessard 173 Zachary Brito 126 Noah Flanigan; Girls Handicap Series 661 Alison Wyman 636 Kristina Bickford 625 Brianna Hannan; Handicap Game 266 Danielle Allaire 217 Kiarra Bruce 212 Sarah Clark; Scratch Series 497 Becka Reynolds 364 Avery Goulding 246 Courtney Stevens; Scratch Game 183 Alley Gagne 114 Cheyenne Kritzer

Goodwin Chevrolet to support Tri-County Babe Ruth

Goodwin Chevrolet Company is supporting Tri-County Babe Ruth through the Chevy Youth Baseball Program. This sponsorship will include both monetary and equipment donations during the 2015 youth baseball season.

Over the course of the season, Goodwin Chevrolet will donate equipment to the league which may include: equipment bags, baseballs, softballs, catcher’s gear, batting helmets, ball buckets, umpire’s equipment, coach’s kits, break away bases, bat racks, batting tees and first aid kits. Thanks to Goodwin Chevrolet and other participating area Chevrolet dealers, youth baseball participants will have a chance to attend youth clinics with local professional baseball teams and/or coaches.

The 2015 program will provide assistance to approximately 300 organizations in the Northeastern region and Chevrolet dealers will contribute over $450,000 in monetary and equipment donations.


Gun raffle ticket winners

The Western Maine Fish & Game Club drew the tickets Sunday for the three Henry rifles. The first ticket drawn was for the .22 LR Golden Boy and was won by Ting Z.M. from Maine. The second ticket was for the .22 Magnum Golden Boy and was won by Dan F. from Massachusetts. The Grand Prize winner (.45 Colt Big Boy Rifle) was Starla F. from Maine. Ting donated the .22 LR Golden Boy back to the club to be used in a future raffle.

The Western Maine Fish & Game Club would also like to thank all the people who supported us by purchasing tickets in this year’s fund raising raffle. A big thank you goes out to LL Bean for sponsoring our booth again this year at The State of Maine Sportsman Show in Augusta.

Hunter safety course

The Western Maine Fish & Game Club will sponsor a hunter safety course on April 18 and 19 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration will be based on a first-come basis, starting at 7:30 a.m. on April 18. The cost is $5 for the weekend.

The class will be held at the Western Maine Fish & Game Club, 1026 Norway Road (Route 117), Harrison, Maine. The clubhouse is located just past the Harrison Transfer Station. Students 10 through 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Any student under the age of 18 must have a parent’s signature on the registration form. Students must attend both days to pass the course. Students are reminded not to bring ammunition or firearms to the class. Refreshments will be available. For more information, contact Arlin at 583-4535.

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