Well, it almost time to give children their annual summer vacation from learning. Summer vacation from learning? What a ridiculous concept.

How are we going to impress upon the inheritors of society that life is constantly evolving and changing and that we are all in a continuous learning process if we force them to take a summer vacation from learning each year?

Who could this archaic concept possibly benefit? The teachers, of course, and the institutions of higher learning.

The teachers get a nice, long summer vacation (thanks to their very powerful union) and the institutions of higher learning benefit by extending the education so that what formerly was taught in high school must now be learned in college. This is notwithstanding the fact that many college freshmen must take remedial courses to learn what they were supposed to learn in high school.

Public sector employee unions (teachers’ unions) should be abolished because there is no balance of interests between the two factions — government employees and the elected officials with whom they negotiate. The elected officials are beholden to the employees for whatever they want because the employees (who often vote as a block) have the power of re-electing officials or not.

It is time to do away with summer vacations from learning. Instead, teach children year-round so that they have a solid, basic education by the time that they are 16 years old. Then, they can choose their next career path.

Steve Swan, Dixfield

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