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DEAR SUN SPOTS: Sheila Giffin asked Sun Spots on April 15, what town went by the name of Groggy Harbor? It was Mechanic Falls, and at one time it was also Bog Hoot. — C.B. via online form.

RESPONSE: Read more information about naming Mechanic Falls in the Adnroscoggin Historical Society’s newsletter from February 2000:

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This concerns the submission by Sheila Giffin regarding the names of Maine towns (April 15). The reference works that she consulted purport to have researched the names of hundreds of towns. However, that research may be inadequate or even wrong. That is the case for at least two of the towns in Androscoggin County.

First, we should add Lewiston to the list of those named for prominent men. I have consulted the Pejepscot Proprietors’ original records in Salem, Massachusetts. When the Proprietors granted the land for the town in 1768, they specified that it was to be called “Lewiston.” At that meeting, there were only three men present, one of whom was Samuel Waterhouse, who had inherited his share of the Propriety from his father-in-law, Job Lewis. Thus, I believe that Lewiston was named for Job Lewis, a Boston merchant.

Second, Everett S. Stackpole, author of the “History of Durham, Maine,” argues that Isaac Royall “had no connection whatever to ancient Durham” in England, and that Royall’s reputation as a Tory would forestall honoring him. It is possible that Durham was named for Durham, England, but there is also the possibility that the name of Durham, New Hampshire, was familiar to the Massachusetts legislators.

In answer to Giffin’s question about “Groggy Harbor,” the town of Mechanic Falls, according to her sources, had that unofficial designation. — Doug Hodgkin in Lewiston.

GOOD MORNING SUN SPOTS: The answer to Sheila Giffin’s question is: Mechanic Falls was known as Groggy Harbor. In the day, Mechanic Falls was a thriving community with a hotel, rifle factory, box factory, even a paper mill and a busy riverfront with many bars and taverns serving up a lot of grog. (We still sell our fair share of adult beverages!)

In reference to my last statement, however, our small town supports five active churches which I feel speaks volumes for our townfolk.

Another nickname was, and still is, BogHoot. Between 25 and 30 years ago, The Store, which is now Dad’s Place, had a contest to name a new sandwich they’d come up with. The winner named it the “Boghooter.” It’s still a very popular sub at Dad’s Place. — A Boghooter Lover, (interpret that any way you want).

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