A lot of misinformation has been given to the public during the debate over LD 652, the “Constitutional Carry” bill.

If the bill passes, it would not change who can or cannot possess a firearm in the state of Maine. Anyone who may legally buy and own a firearm at this moment would still be able to upon passage of LD 652. Likewise, for those people who are not allowed to own or possess a firearm today, LD 652 would not allow them to own or possess one upon passage.

People don’t need any specialized training to open carry now, so why would they if LD 652 passes?

The bill removes the restriction placed on an individual if he/she wishes to wear a jacket or coat that would hide from view, either completely or partially, their handgun.

Neither the person nor the gun has changed — those rights and restrictions remain the same.

But why does someone require special training just to wear a jacket over their legally owned and carried handgun? Why does someone need a permit to carry a loaded handgun in their car?

Maine’s Constitution states specifically in Article 1, Section 16, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms will never be questioned.

Isn’t a permit system a form of questioning?

Richard Lee, Buckfield

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