The U.S. government should consider downsizing, in the same fashion as banks, retail establishments and other businesses, in order to keep up with inflation and avoid shutdowns.

The government should have downsized during the early years of President Obama’s administration when it became obvious that change was inevitable.

What a shame for America — a country known to have possessed great material wealth, passed on from our forefathers who dedicated themselves to working hard and creating wealth of remarkable magnitude.

In order to regain such wealth, the government should hire an independent financial firm to conduct a feasibility study to determine which areas could be downsized.

Changes must also be made to the length of time elected officials can remain in office, both in the House and the Senate. Moreover, candidates running for election should not be dependent on campaign contributions and even less accepting of contributions from foreign countries. Candidates should pay their own way to Washington, D.C., including the office of the presidency.

Enough is enough, having wealthy politicians polishing desk chairs with the seat of their pants, falling asleep at meetings, unnecessary socializing and then retiring with a fat pension with health insurance benefits. I call it a loss of honor, which is disgraceful and shows a lack of respect for America.

Voters must choose candidates who adhere to strict moral and ethical standards, capable of regaining respect for America from foreign countries. Candidates who recognize the importance of downsizing government would also be preferred.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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