Gov. Paul LePage was re-elected by the most votes for any governor in more than 30 years. Let’s remember that.

He had already been governor for four years, so people knew who they were voting for.

As a citizen of Maine I was very surprised Mark Eves was hired to be president of Good Will-Hinckley. He was against every legislation expanding charter schools. The irony is plain. So he is going to sue the governor?

Our governor is not a polished politician. He is rough around the edges and does say outrageous things, but he does not deserve to be impeached.

I understand from the Sun Journal that lawmakers Jeffrey Evangelos, Ben Chipman, Lydia Blume, Roberta Beavers and Charlotte Warren want to impeach him. Remember, he was elected by the greatest margin of the people of Maine in spite of very prejudiced newspaper and television coverage.

He is trying to do what the people of Maine hired him to do.

Gail Bennett, Turner

Editor’s note: This letter has been updated to reflect Gov. LePage was re-elected by the most votes of any governor in more than 30 years. The vote total was 291,937.

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