Who exactly does Kim Davis think she is — God? Her followers’ comparing her to Martin Luther King Jr. is laughable. He fought for civil rights and she is fighting against them.

I will be following her story to see how long her righteous beliefs keep her in jail.

I don’t necessarily believe she should be jailed, I think she should be impeached for not doing the job she was elected to do.

As county clerk in Rowan County in Kentucky, her job included processing marriage licenses. She defied a U.S. federal court order requiring her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

There is something wrong with the system if it allows someone to blatantly disrespect the law and still keep their job.

Whether or not she believes in gay marriage is not the issue there. The issue is that she was imposing her beliefs upon others.

She should do her job or get out.

Lori Lyons, Litchfield

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