When Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald tries to do good for the taxpayers of Lewiston, other politicians try to handcuff him. I think the mayor of a city should be the most powerful figure.

From what I have seen of the Lewiston City Council, with few exceptions, they do not have the taxpayers’ best interests in mind. When residents are about to see a 30-mill tax rate for living in this depressed city, something has to be done.

The mayor should be able to overrule idiotic council decisions.

I applaud Ronella Paradis for telling the council that Lewiston should take care of its own first. Of course, it fell on deaf ears, as usual. I am sure that 99.99 percent of the taxpayers agree with that sentiment.

I think Lewiston should give Charles Soule a chance at being mayor. Being an inner-city resident, he knows what’s going on.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston

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