PARIS — Maine Veterans’ Home has named Joseph W. Barth as its Veteran of the Month.

Barth was born on May 9, 1917 in Murphysboro, Ill., and grew up with one brother and one sister.

He enlisted in the Navy and served from Jan. 15, 1935, until Aug. 24, 1954, when he was honorably discharged. Barth was stationed on various ships throughout the East and West Coast and served during World War II.

During WWII he served aboard the USS Augusta, the USS YMS-14 and the USS Spectacle. He was assigned to recruiting duty in Miami, Fla., after the war until 1949 and transferred to the USS E Disto outside Boston, Mass.

Barth experienced when the USS Spectacle was hit by Kamikaze during operations before the invasion of Okinawa on May 22, 1945.

After joining the Navy, he was assigned to the USS Raleigh and participated in a U.S. civilian evacuation during the Spanish Civil War. The USS Augusta was the flagship of the Atlantic fleet and while on board Barth hosted President Roosevelt in 1941 for a meeting with Prime Minister Churchill in Argentina, New Foundland and Canada. In 1942, the USS Augusta transported Gen. Patton to North Africa before Operation Torch.

Barth earned the title Chief Boatswain Mate and received the National Defense Medal.

He married Doris Tabor in 1943 while serving aboard the YMS-14. They have two children. Barbara was born in June 1944 and Joseph was born in October 1946. They also have four grandchildren, two girls and two boys; and nine great-grandchildren.

After retiring from active duty he worked as a sales representative for Harris Co., Ship Chandlers, Kyanize Paints and Krook & Krook Marine Hardware.

Barth came to the Maine Veterans’ Home in July 2014 and lives on the Residential Care Unit.

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