I am angry that local landlord Joe Dunne has been dragged through the mud by mayoral candidate Ben Chin and the Maine People’s Alliance.

First of all, Chin has proved to me he does not have the backbone to take one on the chin. He has based much of his campaign on attacking Dunne’s business. Did he expect that Dunne would just sit there and allow that to happen?

Dunne’s response was well within his constitutional rights to free speech. The fact that Chin and his fellow progressives put so much pressure on this local landlord to take down his message on the signs just shows me that the signs were accurate to the suggestive nature of socialism.

I find it a shame that Dunne succumbed to the pressure. The average taxpayer, business owner and other local yokels are not used to being plastered in the news and smeared in public debate. I, on the other hand, have no problem with it; it sometimes can be even a little stimulating. I have a tough chin and I can take it.

I wish I had known about those signs because I would have had no problem hanging them outside my home. I would have loved to have 150 people show up to protest. I am always up for a constitutional duel — that is what makes freedom so sweet.

The Rev. Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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