I write regarding the Androscoggin County commissioners giving themselves a pay raise and better benefits than the level the Androscoggin County Budget Committee set.

People should keep in mind that those seven commissioners are elected by the people and work for the people. Their terms run for a certain amount of time. The seven commissioners, Elaine Makas, Ronald Chicoine, Matthew Roy, Randall Greenwood, Alfreda Fournier, Beth Bell and Sally Christner will, eventually, be up for re-election. If they win the battle allowing them to set their own salary and benefits, or if they lose that fight, their names should be remembered at their election time.

There was a very good article in the Sun Journal recently explaining both sides of the fight.

When the commissioners’ terms come up in the years ahead, people can vote against them or for them, depending upon how one feels about their fight.

Robert Soucy, Lewiston

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