Dr. Ben Carson is among the greatest and brightest surgeons in this great country. Babe Ruth and David Ortiz are two of the greatest baseball players ever. If they were to put on skates and use hockey sticks, would they be qualified to play hockey?

Bill Clinton is already trying to destroy the 22nd Amendment, which prevents a president from serving more than two terms. Hillary Clinton is a clone of President Obama, who has tried to destroy this country financially, morally, religiously and militarily.

He has almost succeeded because of a weak and gutless Congress. Obama and Hillary have both committed treason and should be prosecuted under U.S. law, judged by a jury of U.S. citizens.

Donald Trump has not been involved in politics. He is not afraid to say, “You are fired.” He is thinking more about bringing this country back to its moral, religious truth and bringing back the strength of the military.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist who will only continue what Obama has done already. The dictionary has a definition of “socialist.”

I am 94 years old and I have seen the best and the worst. This country must go back to the best.

Albert Murch, Greene

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