LEWISTON — Construction crews worked Monday to fix the foundation wall of an apartment building that gave way Sunday during heavy rains, forcing tenants to evacuate.

Steven Morse, owner of the eight-unit building in Eastwood Village at 184 Randall Road, said erosion from an adjacent hill caused the eight-inch-thick concrete wall, running roughly 30 feet along the western elevation, to crack in several places and move about eight inches toward the inside of the basement.

A tenant called Morse’s answering service Sunday night to report a “loud noise,” Morse said.

“I responded right away and got everybody out,” he said, noting all tenants were relocated, most staying with family and friends.

Morse said the American Red Cross was notified to help with the tenants’ living arrangements.

The city has been involved and was “very supportive,” Morse said. The aim is to fix the problem and get tenants moved back in as soon as possible, he said.

“We think when it was built it was structurally not made right,” he said. The wall likely is lacking structural steel rods or bars in the concrete to enhance its strength.

“We didn’t see any at all,” he said.

No other foundation walls were affected, he said.

“We’re going above and beyond and we’re getting this done and getting it done correctly to make sure our tenants get back in here,” he said. “We want what’s best for our tenants and we want them back in their homes as soon as possible.”

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