For those who are discouraged or pessimistic, there are reasons for optimism.

First, democracy continues to survive when some thought it to be an experiment with no assurances of its survival.

This planet is still supporting human life, although Pope Francis has reminded people of the importance of taking better care of the Earth and the environment.

America’s system of affordable health care is coming closer to a truly universal health care system for everyone.

The military conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East will likely continue in the foreseeable future. However, it is likely that Western Europe, Canada and the United States will provide haven to hundreds of thousands of starving and suffering immigrants and refugees.

The normalization between Cuba and the United States will likely continue to benefit both countries.


Much closer to home, there were brief news items that should arouse positive thoughts.

First, a female Muslim was hired as a city police officer in Portland.

Second, the Old South United Church of Christ in Farmington publicly expressed gratitude for the presence of the “Maine brothers and sisters of Islam among us.”

Third, “60 Minutes” reported that Ray Hinton, a black man, was exonerated from a murder that he did not commit and was released from jail after 30 years on death row.

All we have to do is look around us, in the world and within ourselves, and we will surely discover that there is much that is positive in the world and within ourselves.

Ronald Melendy, Auburn

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