It snowed all day last Saturday and you know what that means.  Shoveling.  It also meant any plans for happy Carnegie motoring were dashed.  By Sunday morning, I was sick of snow and nursing a cabin fever.

“Handy,” I texted, “can we take a ride somewhere this afternoon?”

“I don’t see why not” was his response.


In another life, I must have been a Labrador retriever, happiest only when hearing the words “car” and “ride.”

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Julie-Ann Baumer used to spend a lot of time alone in her car, traveling the highways of New England. Now, she lives a more pedestrian life, writing and working from her home in Lisbon Falls. Once in a while, she gets the urge for local lettuce, excellent coffee, or beautiful music. She hops in her car and goes. Sometimes she takes friends. Read about it here weekly visit her website at or follow her on twitter @aunttomato.

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