With the events unfolding in Europe and much of the Middle East — and with the constant attacks on people of many other nations, including the United States — there is concern and discussion in this country and, indeed, all over the world, about the war being waged by Muslim radicals on behalf of their religion, Islam. It is a war against all people who are not of the Muslim faith or who do not support Islam and Sharia law.

Make no mistake, the U.S. is under attack by radical Muslims.

I wonder why the moderate Muslims, who may not embrace terrorism, do not speak up in outrage against the radicals and put a stop to what is being waged in the name of Islam?

Those who are waging the war of murder and other atrocities are devout Muslims, true to their faith and the teachings of their Quran.

I am sure that if people in this country don’t enlighten themselves and stop allowing their lives to ruled by political correctness, such atrocities can, and surely will, happen here.

The issue is now front and center in the current presidential race. People must consider the threat posed to this nation and people’s liberty. It is a barbaric revolution and the man in the White House denies its existence.

But whether the president chooses to acknowledge it or not, it is going to continue until someone puts a stop to it.

That is why I support Donald Trump.

Robert Roy, Lewiston

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