All my life, I have followed presidential election races. The current one takes the cake.

I have never seen such childish behavior coming from adults. The last debate was so outrageous that I finally came to the conclusion that I would no longer watch this year’s race. I no longer care to watch adults make fools of themselves.

I blame the media, mostly, and I have lost respect for the way the debates are conducted. A perfect example is how media officials have encouraged candidates to attack their opponents. It is all for the ratings.

Another example is when Fox News says that they are “fair and balanced.” If that is true, why did Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly use clips of past statements of Donald Trump to nail him to the cross, but didn’t do that with the other candidates?

It is a game called “gotcha.” Shame on all of them.

Get rid of the debates and use town hall meetings and press conferences. That would put an end to all the chaos.

In the meantime, I will focus on other programming and stop worrying where this great country is headed for.

Fern Asselin, Lewiston

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