I found the article “Bigger school budget in works … New students account for much of increase in Lewiston proposal” (March 29) not really news, as that has been the theme for several years now.

However, the comments from Councilor Jim Lysen were rather provocative, to say the least. Lysen said he supports a reasonable budget that meets needs, and that he is tired of complaints of a growing student population. More is a good thing, he said.

Lewiston is an older community, agewise, and more youths are needed to support baby boomers, Lysen said. “We should be celebrating a bigger population,” he was quoted as saying, adding that “I welcome the new population.” He believes that more students from immigrant families add richness to the community.

When Lysen says he is tired of complaints, apparently he does not want to hear any from his constituents regarding the issue. I thought he was supposed to represent the people who voted for him.

With regard to more youths needed to support baby boomers, I would say baby boomers are in big trouble. Of the immigrant youths I assume he is referring to, many can hardly speak English, require special education and, if and when they become productive, a lot of baby boomers will probably be in the big nursing home in the sky.

Perhaps Lysen would consider being a guest columnist so he can elaborate on how immigrant families add richness to the community, supported by examples to verify his assumptions.

Richard Smith, Lewiston

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