I am a graduate of Edward Little High School, Class of 1965, and I can say that with pride. Those were simpler times with much less stress in people’s lives and much less poverty and drugs spoiling people’s lives. I can still reflect on the rivalry between Edward Little High School and Lewiston High School — known then as “The Battle of the Bridges.”

I have lived here all my life and I am opposed to the merger of Lewiston and Auburn. Each of these two great cities has its own distinct history.

I have seen no outcry from the general public for a merger. Consolidation has been discussed for many years and has been rejected repeatedly by the citizens of both cities. In the 1990s the two cities could not even agree to build a joint library together.

Which city would lose its City Hall? Would Auburn have to adopt Lewiston’s rain tax?

When important issues are voted upon, won’t the Auburn side more likely be outvoted by the larger population of Lewiston? Where is the new city’s “Main Street” going to be?

Would Auburn residents be paying for Lewiston’s larger welfare budget with dollars generated by Auburn’s tax base? Would students be bused across the river?

Will the public know the answers to such questions before they are required to vote on the issue?

A merger of Lewiston and Auburn is a bad idea for both cities, but especially for Auburn.

Larry Pelletier, Auburn

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