DEAR SUN SPOTS: In reference to Deb’s letter, Saturday, July 23, she is so on track for all the info she gave us, especially putting trash at curbside in warm weather. I would like to add an extra tip: if placing trash at the curb in plastic bags, then birds like crows, pigeons and gulls will smell any food that could be in the bags and will soon be picking at the bags, pulling lots of stuff out and leaving a mess. To prevent this, just spray the bags with any kind of pine scent spray — lots of it. It will keep them away and the area clean. Thanks for all you do to help us, Sun Spots. — Rose, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Thanks for the tip, Rose. Sun Spots wonders if the pine scent might also deter other types of critters who are attracted to trash, like skunks and raccoons? They are just as likely to make messes with trash left at the curb overnight. The best way to avoid this is to place your bags at the curb in the morning of trash collection day rather than leaving the bags out overnight. Using trash cans with locking lids is another solution, though those raccoons are pretty smart and seem to be creative when it comes to foraging for food.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the person looking for a location for 50 or 60 people, they might like The Great Outdoors in Turner. It has a hall and a lovely beach on a small lake. — Deborah, Leeds.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Good morning. In today’s Sun Spots (Thursday, July 28), there is a letter from “Mary ” in Waterford. She mentioned a plate depicting the church in my town of Andover. Linda Couture is the pastor and a friend of mine. It would be wonderful if the plate could come home. Do you have any contact information for Mary? Thanks for a great service. — Wendy, Andover.

ANSWER: Mary DeLorenzo is the overseer for the Waterford Grange #479, and you can reach her by calling (207) 583-4490.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I went to the fireworks and lost a disposable camera which contains about 15 pictures of a very sentimental value because they were of cousins from New York. Please, if you find it, call (207) 783-3470. — No Name, No Town.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read your column every day. It is so good to have. I am looking for someone who knows about fixing humidifiers. My humidifier still works, but it will not collect water. If you could find someone, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. — No Name, No Town.

ANSWER: Sun Spots has nobody in her Rolodex who specifically advertises that they repair humidifiers, so let’s hope a reader can help us out by writing in with suggestions.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Microbiology textbook found in the area of Whipperwill Hill Road, Litchfield, Maine. Owner, please call evenings at (207) 375-4434. — No Name, No Town.

ANSWER: As a parent of a college student, Sun Spots knows firsthand how expensive text books can be. Let’s hope Sun Spots is able to match you up with the owner.

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