LIVERMORE FALLS — All 10 warrant articles passed at Tuesday’s special town meeting, leading to a reduction in town spending of a little more than $100,000 compared to last year’s budget.

The articles failed to pass at the June annual town meeting. Article 2, which asked if the town should vote to raise and appropriate $27,855 for elected officials, drew some disagreement among residents.

“That amount is too low for the work the selectmen do,” James Collins said. In the article, selectmen’s pay was cut from $10,500 to $5 for the five selectmen.

“Our selectmen should be receiving at least the same as the elected officials who are representing this town on the RSU (73) board,” Collins said.

“I would like to commend the board for cutting their salaries in order to save the town some money,” countered resident Dana Cummings.

The article passed by a 21-17 vote.

Article 3 asked citizens to raise and appropriate $215,680 for administration. Cummings noted that the Town Office is closed on Wednesdays, and said it should be open five days per week.

“I think it does a disservice to the community,” he said. “These jobs are service jobs, and they’re public service jobs. I think it should be open.”

The article passed 22-18.

Another article that generated some discussion was Article 5, which asked residents to raise and appropriate $338,900 for public works. The article was reduced $10,000 from the June town meeting, because the town will be purchasing less salt and sand than last winter because it has a surplus.

Resident Mary Young asked how the reduction in salt and sand would affect the town’s budget if next winter is difficult and the town runs low on them.

Selectman George Cummings said the town will not let the highway department run out of salt and sand, even if a special town meeting has to be called to approve more money to purchase more.

Other amounts that were approved were:

 • $415,807 for the Police Department;

• $8,970 for General Assistance;

• $378,355 for insurances;

• $40,960 for capital improvements;

• $60,000 from the general fund balance to lower the 2016-17 tax commitment; and

• $40,000 for the Livermore Falls Omnibus Development Municipal Tax Increment Financing District

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“I would like to commend the board for cutting their salaries in order to save the town some money.” — Livermore Falls resident Dana Cummings

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