Young, charismatic, energetic, and passionate — those are the qualities I look for in a candidate who is running for office in Maine. That is why I will be voting for Eric Brakey for state Senate and Elijah Breton for state Representative.

Although Breton and Brakey are affiliated with different parties, they see similarly on a lot of issues and solutions that would move Maine forward in a positive direction.

They both are fiscally conservative and are pro-business, which could lead Maine into a more promising economic future. They also are tired of toeing the party line. They believe in representing the good people of their district, not special interests.

Brakey and Breton are the new generation of representatives who can bring about bi-partisan agreements that Mainers do not see much of anymore.

Eric Brakey and Elijah Breton have my vote, and I hope others will join me.

Alexis Brandt, Poland

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