AUBURN — A transient who robbed a Lewiston Rite Aid last year while wearing a white pillowcase with cutouts for his eyes and nose and threatened to explode a hand grenade was sentenced Wednesday to 32 months in prison.

Wil Chabot, 40, was sentenced in Androscoggin County Superior Court for a Feb. 11, 2015, robbery at the Sabattus Street pharmacy.

Deputy District Attorney James Andrews said Chabot, clad in blue jeans and a blue winter jacket, disguised his appearance with a white cloth over his head with holes for his eyes and nose. He asked the pharmacy technician for a package of syringes, which the clerk handed him.

Chabot then presented the clerk with a note that read, in part: “I HAVE A GRENADE — DON’T SCREAM — I WANT OXYCODONE 30 MG & (RITALIN) — BE QUIET & FAST OR WE ALL DIE — F****** NOT JOKE,” according to court papers.

The pharmacy technician handed Chabot a bag with the requested drugs.

Before he left, Chabot said he didn’t want to blow anybody up and that everyone should think of their families, according to an investigator’s report.

A witness at the store recorded the registration of the car in which Chabot fled. That Volvo station wagon turned out to belong to Chabot’s aunt, Andrews said.

Police traced the vehicle to his aunt’s apartment, where they found Chabot.

His aunt allowed police to search her car and home. They found a pair of blue jeans on the floor of a closet. In the pockets were syringes, 172 oxycodone pills and 65 Ritalin pills, according to the investigator’s report.

A wallet in a pocket of the jeans contained Chabot’s driver’s license. The jacket worn by the suspect also was found in the closet. On a bin, police recovered a white pillowcase with holes cut out for the eyes and nose.

A charge of stealing drugs was dismissed Wednesday as part of a plea agreement.

Chabot also was sentenced to six months on a charge of unlawful possession of oxycodone, unrelated to the robbery. Andrews said Chabot was found with the drugs in Livermore Falls in January 2015.

Both sentences handed down Wednesday are to be served at the same time as a four-year federal sentence for conspiracy to distribute heroin, Andrews said.

In 2014, Chabot twice sold heroin to undercover agents, according to court records.

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