Recent media fact-checking has shown that Donald Trump is a frequent, blatant liar. But his biggest lie — the basis of his entire campaign — has gone virtually unchallenged.

Trump claims that America is in deep trouble and we need him to “make America great again.”


The facts show that America is better off than it was eight years ago. Unemployment is down, more people have health care, banks are more secure, the stock market is robust, etc.

But the Republican-controlled Congress has waged a two-year campaign to win the presidency at the expense of moving this country forward. They created artificial distractions (e.g., the phony Planned Parenthood video, the Benghazi witch-hunt, redundant lawsuits), stonewalled vital legislation and refused to consider a Supreme Court nominee.

The Republicans may campaign well, but their governing skills aren’t worth a tinker’s dam. And now Trump is their “white knight” who will “save” us all.


William Berlinghoff, Farmington

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