I remember how, years ago, Americans revered individuals who worked hard, became successful and strove to do good for others. Now, society is so bereft that it denigrates those people, wanting someone who, in their biographical information, hasn’t exhibited measurable positive attributes.

As an independent voter who has voted the person, whether Democrat, Independent or Republican, I can’t fathom how the Emily Cain/Bruce Poliquin contest for Congress is even close.

Poliquin grew up in a middle class Maine family (mom a nurse, dad a teacher); overcame multiple personal tragedies; became successful through hard work; brought the state of Maine out of financial crisis; works with the Maine Association of Retirees and his Republican and Democratic colleagues to benefit Maine seniors; helps veterans; doesn’t misrepresent his record; and is tireless in Congress.

His opponent is the antithesis.

Mainers need to keep Rep. Poliquin in Congress, working for true Maine/American values.

Robert Hansen, Auburn

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