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ratification      populous      Prohibition

Facts and Details: Literal Meaning
1. Which of the two suffrage groups got more publicity? Why?
2. Which group supporting the war effort more during World War I?
3. Who was the first woman elected to Congress?
4. Which state provided the vote that ratified the 19th Amendment?

T/F&Why: Circle each of these statements to mark it True or False. Then quote a few words from the text showing Why you chose that answer:
T F 1. New York State gave women the right to vote before the 19th Amendment was ratified.
T F 2. The work of women in support of World War I helped persuade people to favor suffrage.
T F 3. A woman persuaded Harry Burn to vote in favor of ratifying the 19th Amendment.
Look it


Facts and Details

1. The National Women’s Party, because of their demonstrations.
2. The National American Woman Suffrage Association
3. Jeannette Rankin
4. Tennessee
T/F&Why: 1 T 2 T 3 T

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