The Sun Journal would do its readers a favor if, when it publishes letters to the editor from special interest groups, it would make note of that fact.

The Nov. 5th anti-climate change letter from Tom Harris challenging Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Kolbert’s assertions about the climate change phenomenon is a case in point. It appears to be from a neutral academic entity — the International Science Coalition. In fact, as a brief Internet search revealed, that is a front for the oil, gas and coal industry dominated “Heartland Institute,” funded in part by the Koch brothers and doing the industries’ bidding; that is, to attempt to throw doubt on any assertion that climate change has any human cause. Incidentally, the institute was, at one time, active in attempts by the tobacco industry to deny any adverse health effects from smoking.

It would help readers to know those facts in order to provide context and information for assessing the validity of the arguments and assertions contained in such industry-generated letters.

Stephen Lunt, Auburn

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