As a concerned citizen who attended the public forum on pedestrian safety (Nov. 16), I offer my thoughts on what I saw that evening.

We are all concerned about pedestrian safety, and yet nothing we can offer will change the three tragic deaths that have recently occurred in Lewiston. Instead, the goal should be to prevent or reduce the risk of more injuries and deaths.

That evening, I watched grandstanding by several, including the moderators and those with only loosely connected agendas, such as biking. I also noted that several city councilors, school board members and state representatives were not present — telling in that the actions of each elected body would do more than any one individual.

We must all advocate for better visibility by drivers, better visibility in how walkers are seen in good and poor driving conditions and we must ask local law enforcement to enforce traffic laws. We must look to grants for more enforcement of speeding infractions and grants for better clothing materials, such as reflective markings.

Recently, I made a plea to L.L. Bean to begin ensuring that book bags and other items children purchase will have more reflective materials to help drivers spot them sooner.

Councilor Michael Lachance was correct. This was not the time for him to be accosted by Sen. Nate Libby about an unrelated issue and a vote that did not go in favor of the senator.

It was a time to offer suggestions and solutions.

Robert Reed, Lewiston

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