The headline “Wife blamed for deaths” (Dec. 12) regarding the tragic deaths in Hebron was troublesome and untrue. When I noticed that the article was written by a journalist from The Washington Post, I looked online for the article. The Washington Post headline read: “A pastor’s disturbing message to his wife before killing his daughter and himself, police say” — very different tone to that headline.

The blaming of women for the actions of their spouses/partners has been a long and destructive shaming process. When we educate ourselves about interpersonal violence, we can understand that the actions of a wife/girlfriend are not the cause of either impulsive or well planned violence on the part of their husbands/partners.

I encourage the Sun Journal to consider more fact-based headlines as the paper continues to cover the tragedies involved with family violence in our communities.

Eileen Fair, Lewiston

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