Auburn City Council 

Dec. 19, 2016

Auburn Hall 

Pownal Road 

What happened: A public hearing was held on the potential rezoning of 1863 Pownal Road, and the motion failed 1-5.

What it means: The parcel at 1863, which was once part of the larger plot next to it, is not large enough to be issued permits in the agriculture zone, according to city code. This has been an ongoing issue for almost six years. The landowners have not been able to come to an agreement. The Planning Board agreed to rezone if the City Council approved. 

What’s next: The landowners and city will continue to try to find a solution. 

Solar Array 

What happened: ReVision energy presented a possible solar array for public energy production in the Ash Street landfill. 

What it means: The city is looking at alternative energy sources, and one option is to partner with a group that specializes in making solar farms and hooking the energy up to the public grid. The city would pay market value for the energy, and after six years would be able to buy the solar field. Councilors did not agree on what to do. 

What’s next: A second reading will be scheduled, and city staff will present an official proposal to the City Council and look at other outside sources. 

Councilor resigns

What happened: Ward 4 Councilor Tina Gilbert announced Monday that she is leaving her City Council seat because housing issues. 

What it means: Gilbert has to move out of her house and is going to be living in a different ward, and therefore must forfeit her seat. “I’m gonna miss this whole deal,” she said. “I’m not leaving because I want to.”

What’s next: A special election will be held to fill the vacant seat. No date was set.

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