100 years ago, 1917
More than passing interest centers on the closing of the Wiggin store in Auburn, where they have just taken down the old sign which for half a century marked this familiar spot. Weather-beaten and almost unreadable, this sign has stood for certain significant things. It not only stood for one of the oldest business houses in trade in either city, but it stood for what one might call, respectfully, an “old-fashioned” way of doing business after a bona fide reliability system, and finally, for the late proprietor’s personal pride in this much stained board that had borne his name in the same location for so many years. W.H. Wiggin opened this dry goods store 50 years ago this coming July when he was 27 years of age.

50 years ago, 1967
The schedule for the Androscoggin Day program to be held Wednesday at the State House in Augusta was announced Monday night by Louis Jalbert, D-Lewiston, chairman of the Legislative Research Committee. Students in area high schools will act as page girls in both legislative branches and orders will be presorted in both branches. During the session, Androscoggin County Senators and Representatives will present a commentary on the history of Androscoggin County , and county products will be exhibited on the third floor of the State House. Frank S. Hoy, president of the Androscoggin Area Development Corporation, will act as master of ceremonies at the program where county products will be discussed.

25 years ago, 1992
Twelve Hebron Academy students left early March 6 for a two-week trip to the city of Tomsk, Siberia, to learn Russian culture firsthand. Prior to leaving, the group was presented with two American flags, a Maine state flag, audio tapes of Schooner Fare, maps of Lewiston and a wide variety of gifts from state legislators Rosalie Aikman of Poland, Dana Hanley of Paris and R. Donald Twitchell of Norway, U.S. Sen. William Cohen, and civic, business and religious groups. The students will give the items to their Russian hosts and present their host mothers with Hebron Academy aprons they have autographed.

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