I was amazed by the dramatic and well-written story about the transport of prisoners from Florida to Maine (Sun Journal, March 26). That incredible story seems to reveal a series of crimes. Considering the persons involved in performing that prisoner transport and their reluctance to talk, the Sun Journal should be congratulated.

I came from where that journey began. I made many trips between the two areas. Along with other Bowdoin students, we went home for Christmas in 1955. Five of us piled into a typical student car — a Hudson — and left on a Friday afternoon. It took 36 hours to drive from Bowdoin to Daytona, including food, restroom, and “exercise” stops to shift drivers. So, I am both horrified by the treatment of those prisoners and of the time it took to drive that far.

The distance from Daytona to Bowdoin is about 1,401 miles, allowing for pickup and delivery of fellow students. Further, those trips took place in the 1950s, mainly on Routes 1, 15, 17, 301, etc. There was no interstate highway system and Bangor was only two hours further. I wonder what was done that required the reported trip to take five days?

I encourage the Sun Journal to push for full disclosure, including the amount of time it took to complete the journey and any other details worth sharing.

John Carter, Lovell

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