DEAR SUN SPOTS: Lewiston Housing Authority runs an afterschool program for elementary, middle and early high school youth. We are in need of a volunteer who is skilled in machine sewing.

We previously ran a very successful program a few years ago as part of our Aspirations club for middle and high school students, but our supporting organization no longer has the capacity to provide a volunteer. Our kids are eager and energetic and have been looking forward to sewing again. We have several machines, thread, patterns and boxes of fabric but we are waiting to find the right person to run this historically popular program.

Previous activities have included mending and altering old clothing, sewing hijabs, dresses and other clothing. The children also presented some of their work at the Topsham Fair. Potential volunteers need to know how to operate, thread and care for a sewing machine, have experience sewing clothing based on patterns and have experience working with children.

For more information, please call 207-783-8539 or email [email protected] — Carla Harris, Lewiston.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to know how they can run the Joe Bornstein commercials with Robert Vaughn now that he has died. — Brenda, no town.

ANSWER: The right of publicity or personality rights is the right of an individual to control the commercial use of their name, image, likeness or other aspects of their identity. It is considered to be a property right as opposed to a personal right, therefore, the right of publicity can continue after the individual’s death. This means that a celebrity’s image can be passed down to their heirs as a common-law trademark. It would be up to those heirs to decide how the image is used, meaning that the commercials could continue if the heirs to Robert Vaughn’s trademark allow it.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do the motor route drivers for the Sun Journal have to pay for the plastic sleeves they put the papers in so they don’t get wet when delivered? If so, how do I give them back to them? I have a great paper delivery person in the Poland area. Thanks. — No name, Poland.

ANSWER: Yes, they do have to pay for them. Each bag costs about a penny. The best way to recycle them is to fill one of the bags and leave it in the delivery receptacle. The carrier can take them from there.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Telstar Regional Middle/High School would like to extend a big thank you to staff, students, community members and area businesses for their generous donations to our Channel 13 School Spirit Challenge to raise money and food for the Good Shepherd Food Bank. The sense of school spirit and pride shone through with all of the donations that brought us to the championship with a total of over 56,000 “pounds.” Equally important, much of these donations get funneled right back into the community food pantry to help with food insecurity. This is just one event that shows the commitment to people helping each other. We are extremely fortunate to be a part of such as caring community and school. — Cheryl Lang, Kristin Dacko and Mark Dacko, Bethel.

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