The snow storm on April 1 only fools those who believe government lobbyists never manipulate climate data to push a highly profitable narrative.

The Congressional Research Service estimated total federal spending on climate change at $77 billion from fiscal 2008 through 2013 ($110 billion by 2017). During that time, I have been preparing my Maine home for the same bitter cold temperatures experienced in the 1920s. That is based on research on natural climate cycles by senior climatologist David Dilley.

I began submitting letters to the editor back in March 2013 (Global warming debunked). On May 6, 2015, I documented how 254 degrees of published Maine climate history, between 1895 and 2010, had been lowered by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to make today’s climate temperatures appear warmer, When confronted with these findings, NOAA’s response was that they felt justified introducing Canadian weather stations and rewriting Maine’s climate history to lower it. After I provided information that NOAA made similar alterations to the 49 other states, they grew silent.

Inconvenient truths continue to fly in the face of NOAA’s altered climate data, but not for much longer. Congress can now access the original raw climate data under the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, windmills scar many Maine mountains; solar panels lay dormant, buried under snow.

Homeowners, like myself, embrace better insulation, heat pumps, geothermal systems and passive solar within homes which are less drafty.

Mike Brakey, Poland

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