This is the first time I have written a letter to the editor, but after reading Mary Jane Newell’s monthly” I hate Democrats” letter on April 12, I feel I need to respond.

First, David Nunes owes Susan Rice an apology, because what was supposed to be “something” turned out to be “nothing” — other than she was doing her job, just as others in her position have done, both Democrats and Republicans.

As far as Benghazi, there have been more hearings about that issue than anything else in the history of America. Again, it turned up nothing after many hours of interrogation.

As far as the Democrats “imploding,” what we are really doing is “exploding” into action all over the country by using a “stronger together” approach. When we see what is happening in the White House, we stand united in opposition. Gutting programs like EPA, which will destroy our lakes, streams and drinking water, taking meals away from seniors, and nutrition away from kids is despicable.

Us “liberals” believe in justice for all — and we practice kindness and patience. President Obama was a great man, and there will be a time when history looks back and finds that true.

Nanc Pinkham, Leeds

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